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Name:Donald Blake { linked to thor }
Birthdate:Jan 12
[ ooc;; There are only three things you need to know about this guy:

1.) Donald Blake isn't just an alias thor took upon himself, it's actually a real person. An innocent mortal man that had a regular life before ever meeting thor. Don is also a doctor at his own hospital that he has ownership of.

2.) Because of the all-father's infamous knack of teaching his son a lesson, don now is forced to share his body with thor. The thunderer is constantly in his thoughts and gives him council when needed.

3.) My characters existance is all practically canon, it's in the comics so it's 100% legit, yep. my au can kick your au's ass

One more little detail; because of a nearly fatal injury, he sometimes can be found carrying a cane with him. If he strikes it upon the ground, it turns into mjilnor and allows thor to take over. Mun can play as either the thunderer or Don.

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